Vulnerability- Ceramic Also Sharpens Steel

A devotion.

What imagery do you choose to embody strength? Explore the profound wisdom of Proverbs 27:17 and discover how choosing vulnerability can be as effective as strength in sharpening life’s challenges.

The Person I Am Now Is Not the Person You Remember

A devotion.

Today we consider embracing change. Explore the beauty in life’s transformations and how they parallel the change that surrounds us. We’ll delve into addiction, recovery, and mental health, discovering joy in progress and acceptance amid regression. Join me in recognizing the divine in the present moment.

Helping Professions- Reflections on Codependency Part 3

This is my final article on codependency. What a journey this has been for me. Writing this series has meant looking very closely at my past, family, and relationships. After closely examining everything in my life, I thought I would conclude the three-part series by discussing professions that involve helping others. Sometimes, growing up around codependency means honing valuable skills that can be used to assist people.