Reflections on Codependency Part 1

Join me in this three-part series as I share my experiences as a pastor navigating the complexities of codependency. Today we start all the way back in my teens when I first uncovered codependency. I’ll guide you through the grip of codependency and its impact on faith communities. Let’s uncover how candid conversations and community support can pave the path to healing.

Life in a Psychiatric Ward

A devotion.

Reflecting on John the Baptist’s imprisonment and my own experiences within locked hospital wards over 13 years ago. This devotion explores the transformative journey from confinement to liberation, highlighting how encountering the divine can mend missed opportunities and lead to true presence in life.

Unexpected Rituals of a Bipolar Variety

A devotion.

To cope with my bipolar diagnosis I have had to learn a morning and evening routine. Are my routine’s clinical… or are they spiritual? Let’s answer to that question together!

God, Honesty and Bipolar Disorder

A devotion.

I am always amazed at the honesty of Jesus. This reading from Mark shows how challenging Christ’s truthful vision of the future is. Being honest about my mental health condition means navigating the truth about my diagnosis.